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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Critical mass photos

I was a first time participant at the mass last Friday. I had a great time. I was impressed by the attitude of the riders and the drivers and the positive responses we received.

I took a few photos of the ride, I hope to get a few of the oncoming riders in upcoming rides. I have brightened up the smaller images a touch as they had turned out dark. The original images can be found via the large links.

Ottawa Critical Mass November 25th 2005 Photos

A friend of mine noted we weren't sure whether to stop for pedestrians or not. I think we should, they have the right of way. However, this can cause confusion in the mass. It's a paradox! I think we can come up with some good ideas on how to deal with this. Any thoughts?

Keep spinning,
Rob Y.


Anonymous nick said...

Good work on the pics! and as per the previous post i heartily agree, there is no place for sexism in the movement! I am happily aquainted with many a tough lady, and tough or not, boy or girl, that is even beside the point. We are riding together for safety and fun, and to assert our legitimacy to a space where we are individually and collectively marginalized and endangered for not conforming to a destructive and indulgent status quo. Critical Mass is not a race, nor a pissing contest, it is a place for us all to be free to ride together safely. In regard to your final comment on pedestrians, my thoughts are that if we arrive at a crosswalk or red light where pedestrians are crossing, we should take the opportunity to slow or stop at the front in order to allow the mass to bunch up again and the stragglers to catch up. If pedestrians wish to cross through the critical mass, we do have right of way since we travel as a bus, but it would be courtesy for individual cyclists to slow up so as to allow pedestrians to get through safely and quickly. I'm all for blocking traffic and taking up intersections, but rather than rushing into every intersection we meet or snaking through cars waiting at lights, we should remember that we're safer as a group and should try to travel as such. I will admit that it was fun what happened at the corner of catherine and bronson, but it takes little time to wait for the light, and that manoever which for a few cyclists is normal, could have been quite dangerous for a larger group. Our biggest danger is when we get cars in our midst, and we should take every opportunity to prevent that from happening.
Thats my two cents, and once again, what a great ride! I look forward to the next one.

1:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

because we only had 2 couriers blocking friday there were times when busses were not given the rigth of way either, generaly only cars are the only target. why are the couriers the only blockers, because they know the traffic flow, streets and alleys, and the COPs that we will be encountering, and if they were to be arrested or chanlenged they would have a better chance doing what they do every day all day long. DEAL WITH THE ASS HOLES IN CARS instead of bringing the mass to a halt

8:06 PM

Anonymous Mikey said...

You do NOT have the right of way over a pedestrian, the pedestrian has the walk signal and the green light. If you should run into a pedestrian YOU will be charged, and possibly sued by the one you hit. Congrats, you just lost more respect, if you had any to begin with, for whatever cause you are trying to promote.

12:52 PM


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