We ride the last Friday of every month all year round. Meet at confederation park (elgin and laurier) at 5:30, ride leaves at 6pm!

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Friday, November 25, 2005


Hi Ottawa Bikers.
I will be bringing lots of treats to Confederation Park. Day old muffins, mmmm...
Does anyone have reflective tape to bring and share?
I'll be on the lookout for noisemakers and whistles and bells today that we can all use, I hope others do the same.
-Sara P.


Blogger JohannK (banjo) said...

Hey peeps, couldn't join you today cause I've been sick as a ... hmm.

Pus inflated balloon?

In any case, just saw you guys riding on Gladstone behind my apartment, so I thought I'd pop in. Good to see everyone out there and biking safe... when I used to live in the States Critical Mass was a pretty dirty word even for cyclists cause some people would just do the stupidest things.

Rock on.

6:13 PM


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