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Monday, November 21, 2005

Welcome to Ottawa Critical Mass Free Blog

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And come out to critical mass in ottawa this friday november 25, 5:00pm at Confederation Park, to show the city what we think of a $4.50 bus ride.


Blogger blog administrator said...

Until participants honour the basic rule of CritMass (those gathering at the beginning decide what rules they will or won't follow, and those not in agreement can bow out) you can count me out. The last Mass I was in had everyone agree to follow the rules, then a bunch in the lead decided to ignore that, blocking intersecions and running red lights, etc. Confusion reigned, and the group split in two. How did this do anything for cyclist's rights?

12:39 PM

Blogger blog administrator said...

In response to the first comment from naomi-
Although I am saddened to hear you had such a terrible mass experience I am glad that you brought this issue up. Critical masses are very messy - they bring together people who often have different if not opposing ideas about how the ride should go. I am not sure what happened in your case but we definitely need to talk about some ground rules - most importantly (I believe) is that people cork and that the mass stays together - which sometimes means that the ride ends up going through red lights. However I can understand your concern if people are purposefully trying to go through red lights - for example they could wait if the light is about to change and there are lots of stragglers. But if you disagree, tell me why/how you would do it differently? I have witnessed the mass evolve in Vancouver and it went through difficult rides as well, but now is at a point where enough people know how it works that it is safe and fun. This is something that requires work to achieve.

1:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well it was a little cold getting started with 38 riders, but by the time we rounded the corner from Laurer, left on to Bank st and the courriers blocked the red ligth, and the 3 block long stream of niosey bikers got the poeples attention on the sidewalks,yelling and shouts of approvial picked up everyones mood , and the cold disappeared. by the time we passed somerset st , poeple from the sidewalks where walking on the streets and many people filed out of the royal oak and barrymores as we passed . by the time we got to Bronson we had 46 riders and the prosession was blocking at least 2 ligth changes to get us past. A supervisor from OC -Transpo appeared behind us and stayed with us almost till the finish . the cops haselled the Couriers blocking the ligths at bronson and somerset, but didnt interfear so we headed to the Market, viva Elgin st. again walkers where comeing out and walking with us ,and in one case both lanes came to a stop , and the noise level increased. the US embassey was in darknes so we headed for the rainbow bistro , but no-one wanted to stop, things were going so well. so we headed back to Centre town and stopped at our starting point , it was desided,once everone came back to earth and settled down, that we would head back to bank st and down to the James st feed Co.. the down stairs party room was booked, so we put 7 tables togehter and and took up most of the main room. Johny - the bar tender started pouring pitchers[ I paid my tab at 25 pitchers ] and headed home around 10:30! made some new friends and some plans for future masses !!! there was a news paper reporter at the Bar with his lap top open, he talked with a bunch of us , and was writing all nigth . did any one get his name? or what paper?. looking forward to increasing the size of the next mass , so I hope this one going off safely will bring out more riders for the furture, and take back the streets, safely , orderly, and have as much fun as we did this time. D

12:10 PM


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