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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Citizens for Safe Cycling seeks input

Hi, massers!

My name is Charles Akben-Marchand, and I am President of Citizens for Safe Cycling (CfSC). Many of you know me from parties on fifth street.

CfSC has been around since 1984, and we work to encourage and improve cycling as a mode of transportation.

Anyhoo, I would like it if someone (or if the group collectively) could write a review of the Critical Mass rides in Ottawa for our member newsletter, as we would like to solicit our members' opinions to create a position towards the rides. The deadline for the newsletter is February 1st, so if you want to get a review after this month's ride, you'd better do it quickly!

For your collective convenience, I have created a page on my friend Vic's Wiki ("Viki"), that you guys can use to discuss Critical Mass things or potentially write an article in a way that is more convenient than through Blogger.

There is plenty more informaiton on CfSC on Viki and on CfSC's website, and if you have any other questions or want to get involved with CfSC, you can e-mail me at president -at- cfsc.ottawa.on.ca.

Happy riding,

Charles Akben-Marchand
Citizens for Safe Cycling.


Anonymous Gwen said...

Hey Charles. I was supposed to write you an article but then I didn't, and I didn't tell you I wasn't going to which sucked. Anyways you must have read a couple of stories down about critical mass mainly being making chilli. I didn't think you wanted one on that. :) But I should have mentioned it.


5:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles- i have to have a meeting with our collective before i can write an article-
i cant speak for everyone.


3:28 PM

Anonymous naomi said...

Hey did you get your article yet? Are you still looking for one? Maybe we could pull something together after talking at this Friday's ride

10:36 PM


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