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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Feburary 24 Critical Mass

This is a bicycle.

On Friday the 24th, the last Friday of February, find one to ride in Critical Mass!

Other notable options are skateboards and rollerskates (see below).

Bring yourselves and these human-powered transportation devices to Confederation Park at 5:30 pm.

The ride will leave at 6:00.

All are welcome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is time to get organized to fight the city's plan to make Bank Street narrower. As cyclists, we know that every inch counts toward our safety.
Under the city's proposed changes, the sidewalks will be widened. Cyclists will have less priority than buses and cars. With the elimination of driving space, we will be squeezed against the curb, with no margin for safety.
The plan is in the final stages before approval. Make our voices heard.

7:05 PM

Anonymous Gwen said...

Also the City are wanting to get rid of the bike lane on Mackenzie King Bridge to accomidate light rail. They also plan on altering the intersetion on the East side of it so that you would have to walk you bike. I can't remember the details of it.

Public transporation is good but they should not need to take the already small allowance for cyclists away.


8:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya, I don't have the password to post articles to this blog so hopefully hiding this away in a comment will still be noticed. If someone wants to put this as a full post they are welcome to. :)

I put up the songs I have on my computer which are about biking. Here is the list. Maybe it can inspire some more singing at rides!


7:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah- its time to attach what we are doing to UP collectives ideas to start bus unions as well-
what the privaitzation of mass transit means for the poor, disabled, elderly etc..
it means public space become auto-cratic and on the rich have acces to it.

i hope to see y'all this friday march 31st
we should start having regular meetings


7:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some clarifications:

Bank street plans are not yet "finalized". They are having an invitation-only meeting for community members, prior to a public open house on the detailed design for Wellington-Laurier.

As for the LRT, there are TONS of details that are still up in the air. Councillor Doucet suggests that we hold our breath until the winning bid is selected, then we will be better able to influence the nuances of the design.

More important than the M-K bridge is that the city is defying the requirements of the Transportation Master Plan to have a multi-use pathway along the LRT corridor in the Community Development Plan for Riverside South. Because of this policy, you will see that Greenboro station and some others along the Transitway South extension have space for pathways *at the stations*, but the stations are not connected, because of the lazy/cheap city.

If we let them snub one part of the Plan, then all of the rest of the TMP, Official Plan, and Cycling Plan are at risk of going down the drain.

Good news: there are finally things crossing the Rideau Canal at the site of the new bridge. I'm taking lots of pictures.

More news in Citizens for Safe Cycling's Chain Mail newsletter.

- Charles

10:03 PM


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