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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March Critical Mass


Blogger Vous said...

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10:07 PM

Blogger Vous said...


I am an advent critical masser from Toronto. Speed is a issue in Toronto, we try to go as slow as possible, wider the better, take all you can. The spring function is the most dangerous but most fun tactic of Critical mass. It starts with the red light, if you have not the courage to flow through the light wait and be ready. In Toronto we have a bugler to signal the charge and all the speedsters hit the front. We all spring out onto the empty street. This allows cyclist to capture more road without competing with car traffic. But musical instruments are a must.

Vous and me vs. the oil wars

10:10 PM

Anonymous mikey said...

Anybody died yet under the wheels of a big heavy moving metal object? What you advocate is illegal and I will do my utmost to ensure that every time I learn of one of these protests I will inform my friends at the local Police Station so they can give you the tickets and fines you deserve. I fought for freedom of speech, not for people like you to advocate breaking laws. By the way, what do you use to lubricate the wires and chain on you bicycle?

12:27 PM


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