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Saturday, April 01, 2006

March Mass - Impressions & Pictures

One of the highlights was doing a bike lift at Sussex and Rideau. (I didn't get a picture though) It was too short to really piss anyone off - they were too busy wondering what the hell we were doing. Very exhilarating. We did another one at Laurier and Elgin at the end of the ride.

We did venture into Vanier on Montreal road, though we turned around pretty quickly. Maybe next time we can go further, though if we could figure out how to spend less time on the same road (Rideau to Montreal) we might be able to avoid some of those crazy people that passed us on the wrong side of the street.

At the end we circled the fountain at Confederation.

Many of us headed over to 61 Argyle to share food and drinks after, which was a nice change from trying to cram into busy bars. Let's all make an effort to reach out to our friends and others in the community to make the next ride even bigger! Cheers, Naomi


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