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Monday, April 03, 2006

Word to the wise

hi there!

just a word to to the wise. i would not post the login info for this blog because someone could just come along and delete it. so to whoever runs this blog i think you should post the email address for the blog and set it up (settings->email) so that whatever is sent to that email gets published...

you should also encourage people to upload their images to flickr with a unique tag after they ride to make the community stronger.

just my two cents.


Anonymous Naomi said...

I think it's a bit paranoid, but I guess others think it's necessary so they already removed the access.

It's too bad, because I think this makes it much more difficult to use this blog as a forum for discussion. Of course the in-group will know, but that's not really the target for a web-based discussion forum...

12:29 PM

Anonymous naomi said...

hi i'm sorry if that comment sounded kind of bitchy, i was in a bad mood that week. if people want to remove the line at the top with the login info that's fine, though i do worry that the site is already not used enough so how we will be able to encourage more people to use it?

6:01 PM


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