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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Planning August Critical Mass for Climate Justice


I'm a critical mass rider from Ottawa who is working with other cyclists andthe climate change action group Rising Tide to organize a continent-wideKatrina anniversary critical mass ride for the last Friday in August (the25th).

This was the day Hurricane Katrina reached hurricane strength.The idea is to remind people of the still ongoing crisis in the Gulf and thepotential for further catastrophic events from fossil fuel inspired climatechange.

We're looking for contacts with critical mass groups who want to collaborateon this, which would basically mean committing to organizing a ride markingthe day and hopefully:

1. Organizing a sign making making party for the ride ("More Cars = MoreClimate Change = More Katrinas", "Critical Mass for Climate Justice","Katrina was Environmental Racism", etc.).

2. Advertising the event to make it a big critical mass (we're developingdesigns for flyers, handbills, etc.)

3. Collecting funds at the Critical Mass ride to send to activist and reliefgroups in New Orleans.

4. Print out education stuff to hand out to people on the street witnessingthe Mass (we've got some of this in the works too.)

5. Spreading the word to Critical Mass riders in other cities.

PLEASE Let me know if you might be interested! You can write me backor email katrina@risingtidenorthamerica.org for more info. There will be alot more info at www.risingtidenorthamerica.org really soon as well!


Blogger Rob! said...

Not I

I'm not sure I would like to participate in this. I really enjoy critical mass as a celebration of biking, commuting and bike culture. Definitely a part of this is celebrating a lessened dependance on cars and oil, and greener living.

I'm not sure that including a climate change protest in the CM would be a good way or effective way to highlight the problems of climate change. I am also a little uneasy about the statement that Katrina was caused by global warming. While it may be, I think there is definitely a precident for large storms in the gulf region.

"Katrina was Environmental Racism". What does this mean?

I am just one person, all I'm saying is, I do not plan on participating in this.


4:50 PM

Blogger Rob! said...

I think my response to this post was too critical. I was hoping to spark a debate on the subject. How is the planning for this going?

9:36 AM


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