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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tandem Bike Stolen

Hey guys,If you wouldn't mind keeping an eye out around the city for Kelly andBrenden's bike......email below from Kel;

Our tandem bike got stolen... which really really sucks. Brenden and I useit as a main source of transportation. It was stolen out of our backyard(near corner of Booth and Sommerset) between 11 pm and 8: 30am. It is white1980s norco tandem with 2 black seats (one racer style and one cruiserstyle). We're offering a cash reward, so if you see anyone riding it/ trying to sell it, please tackle them and be rewarded.

There are very few tandems in this city. Ours is mostly recognizable as having a big mountain-bike like frame.There are pictures of similar looking bikes here (except ours is old andwhite): http://www.norco.com/bikes/spec_tandem.htm

I've emailed basically everyone in the city that I know, but if you know anybike couriers or other folks that might take notice of a tandem, please pass this on.thanks,

kelly kellyfritsch@gmail.com


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