We ride the last Friday of every month all year round. Meet at confederation park (elgin and laurier) at 5:30, ride leaves at 6pm!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Critical Mass

September Critical Mass is next Friday, the 25th! Bring your friends and your bike to Confederation Park (Elgin + Laurier) at 5:30pm. Ride leaves at 6!

PS: Did you know Critical Mass is a world-wide event? Here's a picture from Budapest, Hungary! Imagine if we could get that kind of turn out here in Ottawa.


Blogger Samantha said...

Thanks to the critical mass saint that stopped and fixed my bike saddle, enough for me to get home, even though I wasn't part of the ride. Critical mass isn't about always about numbers its more about community.

8:25 PM

Anonymous Dan said...

Is next Critical Mass a Halloween ride? i.e. Will we be dressing up??

11:38 AM

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