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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sharing Administration of Blog, ottawacriticalmass Email, DA Bike Collective Listserve


A number of people who have taken the lead in administering some of the "tools" we use to communicate critical mass in ottawa are leaving the city this month (myself included). If anyone is able to help out by contributing to some of these tasks, we can ensure the sustainability of these important communication functions.

Specifically, I am looking for (1) more people to help administer the blog (there are already several in addition to myself); and (2) someone/ some people to check the ottawacriticalmass email regularly (mainly to allow new people to join the blog team by sending them invitations, as well as sending out reminder emails before the monthly ride)

The administrator of the DA Bike Collective Listserve, Martin, is looking for someone to take that over as well (which involves moderating certain emails as well as allowing new people into the list serve)

If anyone is interested please email ottawacriticalmass@gmail.com or dabikecollectiveottawa@lists.resist.ca

Cheers! Naomi

PS if anyone has other ideas on how to communicate critical mass better, feel free to respond/adapt/evolve. This is our ride, so we can make it happen!


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