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Sunday, December 10, 2006


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Blogger RealGrouchy said...

OT: Did you guys know that the Ontario legislature passed a motion Thursday to make helmets mandatory for cyclists of all ages?

Read the MPPs' doublespeak in the Hansard record.

See Citizens for Safe Cycling's letter opposing this action here, and a very strong argument against mandatory helmet laws.

Technically, the motion didn't cause helmets to be mandatory; only to call on the government to remove the exemption of those 18 and over, so there is still a slight chance.

Mandatory hemlet laws act as a barrier to cycling, are a tool for the police to pick on the poor, and distract from activities that actually make cycling safer.

- RG>

1:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's news to me. they should pass a law establishing a tax refund for people who have to buy helmets.

i wonder if 'they' will try to enforce this at critical mass..

1:44 AM


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